About Ashley Carpet and Fabric Care

Hello my name is Ashley and I have been cleaning carpets, curtains & upholstery for 30 years with astonishing results.

I am based in the beautiful tranquil setting of Island Harbour in Newport and I cover the whole of the island. I am very passionate about my work, I am only happy giving 100% and I think you’ll find my customer testemonials greatly support this. I carry out all work myself and always always turn up on time.

 About Ashley Carpet and Fabric CareMany people are nervous or at the very least apprencive about having their carpets cleaned and I would like to set out below a few truths about carpet curtain & upholstery cleaning and dispell a few myths along the way.

Q: Will I see results on even my most dirty carpet?
A: Yes, I use an industrial portable deep steam cleaning machine (the most powerful in its class) & top quality powders & products (most of witch were developed in America ) the pioneers in carpet cleaning.

Q: Could I not simply hire a machine like rug doctor?
A: Very simple answer, the equipment I carry costs in excess of £5000 whereas rug doctor machines cost £165

Q: I had my carpet cleaned last year by someone else and it was filthy again within a week?
A: Thats because liquid soap products were used atracting the dirt.

Q: Will my stains come out?
A: All stains are removable with the correct product however the bigest problem I come across on a daily basis is when people try to remove them
using supermarket/ hardware store products many of which contain a bleaching agent.

Q: How long do they take to dry & can I walk on them straight away?
A: A lot depends on the particular carpet & atmospherics but in genral 1-2 hours and yes you can walk on immediatly.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: many people shy away from having there carpets cleaned because they think it’s too expensive ( its not ). It’s always difficult to publish a price list, every home and every requirement is different however I am always happy to come and look and give you a quote.

Telephone me on 07934 616786

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